Gingival manifestations of non periodontal disease

A wide range of infectious, inflammatory, tumoral and other non odontogenic diseases affect the orofacial structures but at the same time there are many systemic conditions that can manifest in the mouth, sometimes being the gingiva the first site of manifestation for such conditions. In a time where life expectancy in developed countries is greater than ever before in human history it is expected that modern dentistry, especially the field of oral medicine and oral surgery, can diagnose and treat a wider range of diseases that are not only teeth or periodontally related. The dentist should be able to recognize a large number of local, systemic and drug related diseases and at the same time should be capable of establishing a correct diagnosis using various auxiliary diagnostic tools and tests available. Biopsy is for instance one excellent surgical procedure that when performed correctly can both establish a diagnosis and be the treatment itself in some cases.

The lecture intends to focus on the more common non odontogenic conditions that affect the gingiva and alveolar bone and at the same time will go through the biopsy procedures focusing on both techniques and indications.


Diploma in Dental Medicine, Egas Moniz- Health Sciences Institute, Lisbon, Portugal
Specialist in Oral Surgery by the Portuguese Dental Association
Master of Science in Oral Medicine, Eastman Dental Institute, University College London
Lecturer in the department of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, University Fernando Pessoa, Faculty of Health Sciences, Porto, Portugal
Lecturer in the Postgraduation in Oral Medicine, University Institute of Health Sciences, Porto, Portugal
Member of the Board of the Portuguese Dental Association
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Dental Association
Vice-president of the Portuguese Academy of Oral Medicine